Thanks to you, Save the Cat! continues to be the #1-selling set of books on both screenwriting and novel writing. Founded in 2005 by screenwriter Blake Snyder, and later adapted by novelist Jessica Brody, the Save the Cat! principles represent the standards by which working writers, studio executives, publishers, and entertainment professionals develop and evaluate scripts and manuscripts. 

Now we have created a set of online classes designed to simplify the complexities of storytelling.  The Save the Cat! online courses take you step by step through the Save the Cat! methodology to help you discover, organize, and tighten your story.

As the late great Blake Snyder said, ““The worst thing that can happen in screenwriting is not to finish. Half-written screenplays never sell!”

Let’s help start and finish your story.

Cracking the Beat Sheet Workshop

We offer a Cracking the Beat Sheet Workshop that teach you how to develop the 15 key “beats” or “plot points” of your story. The beats are markers along the path of the story that are used to track a character’s journey and ultimate transformation. Strung together, in the right order, these 15 beats make up a blueprint that you can follow to write a successful movie or novel. 

The Save the Cat! Cracking the Beat Sheet Workshop allows you to work at your own pace and is available for a period of 6 months.